Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to change....

...location. Today it was "bye, bye" DC and "Hi there, Chicago". Sitting in a Starbucks in "somewhere" in Chicago we are googling everything and everyone to get a sense of where to go and where to sleep.

DC was a fantastic experience seeing old friends from the class of 2006, but we're excited to move one to new and hopefully greater things.

Today we're gonna try to make the rain stop from falling and get settled - tomorrow 9 am you can find us at the Obama Headquarters.

For now we need to follow Maslow's pyramid of needs - physiological things first - sadly Starbucks won't let us spend the night.

/Anette and Fabijana

Get an idea of Obama and Chicago here

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Stine Bauer Dahlberg said...

Good luck in C-town guys! You are doing great so far with the blogging - keep it up! Tell us more!