Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If the world could vote..

Being a European, deciding who I would vote for in the election is an easy choice. That's not to say that I don't see both good and bad sides to both candidates, but to be frank - in my mind, the choice has been made - Obama is my guy.

Of course only Americans are allowed to vote - and quite naturally, as the USA is an independent country. However, in some aspects it would be more than fair to let the rest of the world vote as well. You guys are in fact electing the most important and powerful person on the planet. American politics affect the rest of the world more than I think most Americans are aware of. Everyday we follow in horror the crashing American stockmarkets and banks, knowing that we will be next. As a matter of fact, Denmark has already, along with most European countries, experienced the consequences of the financial crises and just like most Americans we fear that we haven't seen the end to this nightmare yet.

For this reason, I have for some days been following several articles that focus on who would win the election - could the world vote. Several polls have shown that Obama has the upper hand in this election and there are several reasons for the positive attitudes towards him. Europeans see Obama as a symbol of the American dream, and hope for more collaboration across the Atlantic than has been common during the Bush years. Just like many Americans, the Europeans like the messages of hope and change.

I recently found a new initiative, which has been started by 3 guys from Iceland. Like the rest of us, they are interested in what the rest of the world think of the candidates. Their goal is 1 million votes before the election. Please take a minute to cast your vote for either candidate on:


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