Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey, is that what we're doing?

So I went to this book store in DC and man do the Americans know how to make books shiny and inviting. I ended up buying two "Taking on the system" by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and "Profiles of Courage" by John F. Kennedy. (Ever since reading "The counsellor" I have gotten this thing for Kennedy)

However, I started reading "Taking on the system" and it's amazing literature. On how new technology like blogging has bypassed the usual gate keepers. Now information is passed directly from A to B - without someone in between deciding if it's important enough.

We have seen this happen in Denmark as well with the previous election. Blogging and Youtube became important ways of reaching the public and especially the politicians have tried to seem more "available" by their blogs and facebook profiles.

But I feel like there is much more potential in this than we've seen so far. We are not yet as effective at mobilising people through the internet and as far as fundraising goes - it's practically non existent in Danish politics.

But, but, but - it's not a matter of if but a matter of when it's going to get to Denmark - with national modifications of course. 

I am excited to see how that's going to look - politicians will have to overcome their fear of becoming too exposed by using the social networks and use it proactively while still being sincere. 

"Taking on the system" has definitely inspired my mind in regard to activism - and I realised that by coming to the states and joining the Obama campaign (and blogging about it) we're trying to get closer to a system that tries to close around itself -unless bloggers like the author of this book break it open.



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Thanks for the kind words, Fabijana!