Saturday, October 11, 2008

"They just arrived from Europe"

It is now 5 AM in DC and I am wide awake, but it's my own fault for bragging to Anette earlier about never having had any problems with jetlag. Oh well, I might as well use the time wisely.

They flight was great loads of space and a good book (Remember, me? Which there is no excuse for reading when I could be devouring books about the depression and find resemblances to the current financial situation, but the truth is I am a sucker for chickbooks)

Anyhow - we arrived at the airport and got picked up by Dimitrije (a friend from Serbia) and had no idea that in half an hour or so - we would have our first real meet with an important product of American culture:

Soccer Moms
The thing is that Dimitrije picked us up but didn't have the time to drive us directly home but had to give an one hour soccer practice to about 15 girls around the age of 10. Around the field were all the moms with their chairs and blankets and cake, in case the children get hungry. Dimitrije introduced us with "They just arrived from Europe" and all of a sudden I felt like they were examining my arm pits.

It was interesting to listen in on some of the conversations they had about politics, judging the candidates after how graceful their wives look. But still credit must be given where credit is due - I was very impressed when they started discussing who had voted for which bills and what that meant for the election. Pretty good background knowledge there.

Anyhow, soccer practice ended eventually and the girls got their cookies and went home - and so did we.

Right now, we're in Foggy Bottom - I am waiting for Anette to get up so we can start planning the next couple of days.

Next mission now is to find Joe Six Pack.



(pictures are coming up)

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Kristina said...

Hi girls...

I'm happy to see you have arrived and made the first post from 'overthere'. As this is my third time checking your blog today, I guess I must be checking it regularly! (Or maybe I'm just doing a really boring assignment from which I'm easily distracted!) Anyway I can't wait to get more updates from Obama country!