Sunday, October 26, 2008

So we're back in Denmark and trying to process the two amazing weeks we've had. It has been great to experience America through election glasses and even though we were hardcore Obama fans when we arrived - we've also enjoyed seeing the other side of the election. And we are even bigger fans now.

As you've seen from the blog entries we've not only learned something about US politics but we've also had some good discussions about Danish politics and society - and it's given us a lot.

We want to thank everyone we've met during this trip - from Stefan and Andrew, who let us stay and didn't mind having to girls in their bachelor-pad to Katie and her parents for also letting us crash and accepting that we were very European at times.

But the best thing about these two weeks has been the people, who saw our Obama buttons and wanted to talk. Thank you for giving us an insight to what this election means to you. We hope that you remember to vote - we don't want to tell you for whom - but as long as you use your right to make a difference - we're sure that we in a few days will see a needed change in the world.

As for the future of this blog we will try to keep posting until election night, which we will try to gather some friends for. But for now we need to focus on the jobs and homework that have been on 'stand-by' for the last two weeks. 

/Fabijana and Anette

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