Saturday, October 25, 2008


Being a Danish citizen I’m used to look at America for ”how not to do things”. America is used as the example of exaggeration. We like to think that everything is blown out of proportion in the states. Using the wording of Michael Moore – In America everything is super-sized.

Integration isn’t perfect in America – far from it – but at least it’s really obvious which social problems are at play. In Denmark they are hidden in clever rhetoric and racist policies working undercover as “firm policies”.

However, when we judge how well a country is at integrating its immigrants an obvious place to look is at the political leaders that the country produces. Which kind of candidate is “allowed” to emerge by the influential gatekeepers?

That’s why the election in 2008 has been so interesting. Obama is black. Can you believe it? I mean: yay! What a wonderful thing that America is finally ready for a black president. In my excitement over America’s awesomeness I remembered that I had to return to my own country and its own politics in a short bit, and I slowly felt my arms fall down and the smile on my face turn into a frown.

Where is Denmark’s Obama? Denmark has had a steady immigration flow for years (not so much in the last 7 years) - are you telling me that no foreigner in Denmark has the brains, skills, eloquence and interest to become a political leader?

Of course there are several potential candidates getting in position – but still – I can’t believe that America beat us to it. I guess integration is a bit like a iPhone – America invents it and we get it in Denmark much later and for a higher price



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