Saturday, October 18, 2008

Signed, Sealed, delivered!

It was at a rally in the civic center in Roanoke, Virginia that we witnessed Barack Obama live. 

When we took off to the US. to join the campaign we had little hope of seeing any of the four major candidates. We used to say it hesitantly - "I would love to see Obama speak - but we probably shouldn't count on it" But thank God Virginia is a swing state.

Firstly, there was this amazing woman singing the National Anthem with so much passion that you had to feel moved.

Followed by a speech by Senator Jim Webb, who spoke about the McCain campaign and how they keep questioning if the American people can trust Obama - "I trust him" Webb said and the crowd went wild. (You should read up on Webb's running-for-senate-story - it is quite interesting)

And finally Obama walked in on stage. We couldn't believe it. There he was - this one man, who has moved the world. He spoke about his core issues: Health Care, energy, education and economy.

But what is striking is that he made a contract with his voters. Saying that we're all together in this. He said that he could make sure that they invested in renewable energy - but he couldn't switch off the lights in people's homes. He can recruit an army of new teachers - but he can't take away the video games from each child.

It was amazing. He's redefining the way a president should be - he knows that bossing people around has been going on for too long - he's the voice of the people - everyone will have to work for good results. 

Encouraged by the speeches, the diverse group of people who cheer for him and the music they played when he left the stage - one thing was clear.

The next president of the United States is Signed, Sealed and hopefully soon - delivered!

/Anette og Fabijana

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