Wednesday, November 5, 2008


After more than two years of campaigning, yesterday America finally elected a new president. I can' believe this long fight has finally come to an end, and even with the result I was hoping for. It's taken me all day to take in the realities - Obama won! What a great chance for the World! Thank you America.

I only have one regret: I wasn't there. We had the best tip ever to the US and enjoyed every single day and every single person who took the time to talk with us about values, hopes and opinions on the future of this great country, but for sure we should've stayed until the election. For some reason it wasn't quite the same to sit in Denmark and watch the election half the night. Where I really wanted to be was here ..or maybe here.

That being said, I am extremely happy that so many Americans fulfilled their civic duty and voted. According to the latest news, more than 62 % of all eligible voters exercised their right and that number is the highest in more than 40 years!

January 20th. January 20th is the day this amazing guy will be moving to that big white house, and rest assured I would sell my right arm (or maybe a kidney?) to be in DC for the official inauguration. The expectations to Obama are so sky high that I don't really know how he'll ever be able to fulfill our hopes for change. But we'll await him and the new administration with great excitement and all I can say is YES WE COULD!


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